Installing Darch

After you have your machine prepared and configured, you should install Darch.

If you are on Arch Linux, you can install it from the AUR. Otherwise, head over to the GitHub Releases and download the Darch binaries. There are two packages you can download.

  • darch-amd64-with-runtime.tar.gz - Contains Darch, but with containerd and runc baked into it.
  • darch-amd64.tar.gz - Contains just Darch.

If you download Darch without the runtime backed into it, you must manually install a valid version of containerd (>=1.0.1) and runc on your system. I recommend using the download with the runtime bundled since the availability of containerd/runc in distributions are limited ATM.

By default, containerd will want to store it’s images/data in /var/lib/containerd. I recommend changing this to /var/lib/darch/containerd so that your images can exist on a single partition.


root = "/var/lib/darch/containerd"

Make sure your containerd service is running (sudo systemctl enable containerd && sudo systemctl start containerd).

After everything is up an running, you should be able to run sudo darch images list without issue.

Next, you need to upgrade your grub.cfg file so that it will source Darch’s /etc/darch/grub.cfg file.

sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

Now you can start building recipes and staging images!