Your related recipes will live in a single folder, with multiple sub-folders.

└── recipes
    ├── common
    │   ├── config.json
    |   └── script
    ├── gaming
    │   ├── config.json
    |   └── script
    └── development
        ├── config.json
        └── script

Each sub-folder represents a recipe name. In the example above, common, gaming and development are defined.

Each recipe must contain two files.

recipes/gaming/config.json - Meta data about the recipe, including it’s parent.

    "inherits": "common"

recipes/gaming/script - The actual script that will be executed when building the recipe.

#!/usr/bin/env bash

pacman -S steam --noconfirm

To build this recipe:

cd recipes
sudo darch recipes build gaming

Any inherited images must be built (or listed in sudo darch images list) beforehand. You can build every parent, including your desired recipe, using sudo darch recipes build $(sudo darch recipes build-dep gaming).

The root of every set of recipes must depend on an external image. The external image can be pulled (sudo darch images pull) or built previously.

To mark a recipe as dependending an external Arch Linux image, preappend external: to your image name.

    "inherits": "external:godarch/arch:latest"

If no tag is specified for the inherited image, it will default to the first tag that is being used to build (--tags).