You can’t just reference the Ubuntu/Fedora/etc images already available in DockerHub. The reason is because each image must have special scripts that take into account the kernel, initramfs and root file system.



sudo darch images pull godarch/ubuntu:cosmic

Arch Linux

sudo darch images pull godarch/arch

The base Arch image doesn’t include the kernel or initramfs. You must manually install the kernel (using pacman) and run mkinitcpio -p linux to generate the initramfs. Otherwise, you will get errors during upload.

Void Linux

# For glib-based image:
sudo darch images pull godarch/void
# For musl-based image:
sudo darch images pull godarch/void-musl


# For the debian testing distro:
sudo darch images pull godarch/debian:testing
# For hte debian stable distro:
sudo darch images pull godarch/debian:stretch


If you would like to help out, refer to godarch/distributions to make a new base image.